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Founded in 2017 by Your Future Is Our Business, a Santa Cruz County non-profit, LINK is a database designed to link Santa Cruz County educators and their students to Santa Cruz County business and community partners that are willing to help provide students career exploration opportunities.

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About Us

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About Link

Providing a platform to the youth

Link is a tool developed by Your Future Is Our Business (YFIOB), a Santa Cruz County non-profit that provides students with work based learning experiences and career exploration. YFIOB developed LINK to provide educators with access to a network of committed community members who are offering to help youth. To learn more about Your Future Is Our Business and the experiences we provide, please go to

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Signing up makes it easy to link students

Signing up on Link gives you access to a database of contacts who have expressed and their desire and/or provided an opportunity for youth to learn more about their career or organization. Making an account allows you the ability to search through our network of professionals. We do the work of finding the people who will help you find an opportunity for your student.


Display the Impact You Make

Go Above and Beyond

By signing up on Link, you are expressing the desire to give back to the community and actively participate in the lives of youth. You are saying “YES” and taking real action to help guide students in the right direction so that they can follow their dreams and create a better future. Educators will see your name or your company’s name and know that you are truly dedicated to helping the community. Joining LINK is a free way to put you or your company’s name out there and potential gain a new customer!

Explore Careers

Choosing your dream job ahead of time

Rather than blindly searching and hoping, LINK gives students and their educators direct access to people or businesses who are offering opportunities. LINK provides students and educators with a starting point for exploring their career options and connects them to people who are willing to act and provide youth with experiences. We know how difficult it can be to figure out what career or pathway to choose, so we put in the effort to reach out to the right people that can provide you with the answers to your questions.

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